13 Apr

What Prevents Your Breast From Growing

breast growthMany women spare no effort and money to make their breasts bigger and improve the shape. Fortunately, there are numerous techniques to achieve the goal. Some women succeed, others fail. However, most of them are probably unaware that their efforts can be vain just because of certain daily habits they are so comfortable to live with. Let’s consider some factors able to hamper your zeal.

Do you like sweets? If you consume too many of them, sugar and other carbohydrates found in a great variety of foods promote testosterone production in your body, which in turn will add to your weight gain, but impede growth of your breast. This is because testosterone blocks estrogen, which is really responsible for your breast size. So you should better avoid taking sweet drinks, sweets and coffee with sugar.

By the way, the site megabreastsize.com – breast enhancement says caffeine is another obstacle on your way to beautiful breasts. While beneficial in many aspects, it prohibits estrogen production in your body.

Most people know that stress is a factor which negatively affects our overall health. However, many women have no idea that their breast enhancement efforts are dependant on stress too. The secret behind it is that stress causes underproduction or overproduction of some female hormones thus changing a natural balance. Obviously, no normal breast growth is possible under such conditions.

Smoking is another negative factor that many women overlook when fighting for better breasts without result. Actually, nicotine depletes vitamin C supply that your body needs so much to produce collagen, which is beneficial for your bust growth. Also, it is common knowledge that smoking is harmful for blood circulation, so all tissues of human body are damaged, including the breasts.

We are always encouraged to do exercises on a regular basis. It’s OK and helps to stay fit. At the same time, you probably will be surprised to know that excessive exercises prevent your bust from growing. Nonetheless, doing moderate exercises is advantageous for growth hormone production, so you should keep training with no worry.

Once smoking mentioned, we must consider alcohol consumption as well. A glass of wine taken occasionally will not do any harm to your body. Red wine is preferred. However, alcohol taken in excessive amounts dehydrates your body, which is very bad for natural development of your bust. Along with that, most drinks contain sugar (see above).

Another important factor to be mentioned is not getting enough sleep. This can deplete the estrogen production. The negative effect doubles if you take one cup of coffee after another to stay awake. You’d better sleep well.

To conclude with, we can state that numerous our daily habits can have negative effect on the breast growth and really destroy our efforts spent to achieve the desired target – beautiful bust curves. You can make your way easier by just tweaking some small details of your lifestyle.

11 Nov

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